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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  October 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead at 6 demanding answers this man is behind bars face ago texted rain. just a few weeks after arrested for a similar crime. so why was he out on the streetment we're tracking the story from the district to prince george county. >> and also, redskins got off to a good start. things got good early on and then carson wentz took off. &-úe tuesday october 24. drive ago roun the dmv checking out the situation out there. we're giving you weather and traffic coming on youen the fives at 6:05. >> if you just get up now at 6, though, okay a look at this video out of the carolinas the same storm system that brought us rain overnight punched a pack to the south. it downed industries and left small is parents in ruins, air planes flipped upside down.
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hangar a tangled mess of metal. 7 tornadoes touchdown in north and south carolina last night. eight people in one county were treated for minor injuries. the national weather service will be on hand to survey the damage. >> and digging for answers after learning d.c. man was facing serious sex assault charge anesthesia back out on streets and able to strike again. >> and not an a month after the first violent incident. "fox5" kristin leon is live northwest with what we uncould have had. good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison, that's right, 23-year-old kerry edwards is supposed to appear in d.c. superior court this friday for allegedly sexually assaulting" woman at a south d.c. gas station rather take a look at that man now. 23-year-old kerry edwards on your screen. first incident happened september 25. he sexually assau
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he sexually assaulted a woman he wasive going rides to. edwards "grabbed the woman by her neck and bent her oaf saying, you're going to take this explitive" prosecutors allowed him to go back on the street to be released until his hearing. we learn head was under high intensity supervision with gps monitoring and nearly a month later he's accused of trying to sexually assault a woman at her home in prince george county. why this man was initially allowed back on the streets in the million dollar question this morning and when we asked about this yesterday they could not give us a definitive answer here. for now reporting live d.c. superior court this morning, kristin leon, "fox5 local news". >> triple shooting at park in alexandria. they say it was a murder-suicide. 19-year-old gunman killed a 17-year-old gi n
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before up turning begun on himselves. there's been no he did tails. gunman was the exboyfriend of 17-year-old victim. >> the mat that went on a shooting spree in maryland will be tried in delaware first. prince killed three co-workers and critically injured two others at counter top business in edgewood last pook. let's heat to charles county now. more alleged victims of carlos bell came forward. he's former school aida caused of sexually abusing students knowing he was hiv positive. state attorney office handed down a 206 count indictment in increase that is from the 1 19 coup in july. he's is accused of sexually victimizing
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11 and 17, all but 14 were identified. >> well just two weeks voteers in virginia will go to polls and elect a new governor. democratic candidate ralph northham and ed gillespie in a tight race. and we'll address platform issues like economy, gun safety, education and his perhaps for virginia. he'll joan us at 7:30 this morning. >> skips cannot seem to get the job done in primetime. losing to eagles on monday night football. 4-24. and kirk cousins had a good game 302 yard and a little too much to handle. he had cor high 63 yard r rushing and four touchdowns. we'll hear from coach gruden 6:30. >> they were not expected to win. >> i thought they played
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fist half. >> first half. >> i deposit see the second half either. >> okay. all right. get them next time i suppose. >> i think so. >> good morning, we're looking at cold front coming through and rain showers overnight. you guys mentioned severe weather to the south. >> yeah. >> did not get that around here and we're looking later today at gusty winds, gusty wind of change. it's the camera. >> gusty wind of change, cooler earth that's the theme middle of week. 6 reagan national dulles dropped back to the 30s. 63, 64 at bwi marshall. there go rain showers gradually clearing skies. we'll have detime highs mid 70s should feel reesh freshing and fall like and breezes out of south here today will dmik as well. it will be a breezy day. looking at
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75. again done with the rain overnight. things get better from here. cool tonight, cool couple days midweek we'll have details on that and i'll look at the weekend forecast already. >> it's cowboys week. >> thanks, tuck. >> hi, erin, good morning. >> 6:06 you know what happens when had rapes we're dealing with problems. this is outer loop topside of beltway college park. 95 to 270 spur. parked up right now inner loop better coming off ramp 95. you back up as well icc to beltway. let's take a look at camera. earlier crash blocking shoulder. this camera out by coalsdale road. you can see the wind the tree blowing in the wind there. 95 to spur i let you know if that improves it all. metro orange line delays to vienna and disabled plane cheverly.
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and we're seeing minor delays because it's blocking sh shouldner clarksburg. look at southbound delay. it's a parking lot 70 on down. i don't love what we're seeing southbound side. no crashes a whole lot of cop juston and be prepared for show downs this morning. you can take 55 that will deal with a lot of traffic. >> bw parkway. up to 6 miles an hour and aa approved from baltimore beltway to 16 minute trip. this crash cleared. lee highway back to normal. as we look for another crash outer loop to 66 ramp still open. sthipingz onener loop as well as outer loop through 66 to legion bring. look going right now. 66 eastbound earlier crash cleared. 0 minute ride. yellow zone between 234 and bement way and as you make your way out. earlier tractor-trailer crash 610. that cleared
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fredericksburg to 610. it will be a yucky day but we'll keep you covered back to you guys. >> more details about deadly ambush on solders in niger. >> and donald trump heads to capitol hill to keep coming gress on sale for tax reform. we'll be back in a few minute
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♪ >> back now, new details about the ambush in niger that killed four breen berets. the service members did not call for help until an hour into the fire fight with terrorists. still many questions remain about how it all unfoldsed. marine general joseph dunnford is asking for pains and for the first time we're hearing from the widow of day jay john son. she said she felt di disrespected after he called ul. >> a gold star family finally got their 25,000 check from the president he was killed in june. the president promised his parents a check from personal account as of m the family has
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president dated same day the "washington post" published the story. the man known as underwear bomber is suing government. umar mutalab he says he's being violated in colorado and the native is held long term solitary confinement and. >> nationals tv an light ray knight face aggravated assault and batsry charges after fairfax county police say he got into a fight with a 3-year-old acquaint eps. both had visible injuries. both went to hospital and night was then taken to jail. he caught up not yesterday he was reluck tand to. >> i don't want to comment i think
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its place and anything i say will not matter until the process words itself ut. >> the nat is moving along with disaster aid package to help with hurricane efforts and final fot vote and some signs of normal sis as some schools reopen after her hurricane u.s. territory submitted them pb '-- and they could use the 5 billion investment and 50,000 jobs. >> soweders 100 soldiers from maryland national guard will soon head to the u.s. virgin islands to help with hurricane cleanup t
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after additional help was requested. governor larry hogan made this announcement yesterday. members of the military police company from okay tons ville will be deployed up to 30s. >> 15 brooklyn public schools going meatless this spring. the school lunch offerings will go vehicle fireian one day a week. they'll get noodles and it ofu and pept put them together. >> it don't be foys n if they had had with. >> what is now letting shop rz do online by target. >> and we're headed to break. warm and traffic on the fives next
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a live look around the area. it's dark until 7:45, 7:30. >> when we do get daylight. >> 7:26 don't quote he me on that. >> loseing a few minutes every day though. >> keep playing those drums. he talks and plays the drums at the same time. let's do it bus stop forecast. yeah temps fallen upper 50s and low 60s before cool and mild and it willing nice mild afternoon with temps mid 70s and breezy and one more nice day to look forward to and cooler air an high temperatures of 2 quants coand 59 dulles and mannasas
6:16 am
culpeper. winds south and breezy at times today. winds currently out of south about 13. gust to 25. look tore breezes. we'll have those throughout the day today. we've got big area of low pressure up norm and west of great lakes responsible for the winds. rain. out of here. we have good reigns overnight now pushing off east. you can see we cleared it out. i have not cleared out the clouds yet but cleared out rain and done with the rain for the day today. that's good news. and it should turn into a pretty nice afternoon with a light of sunshine. there's rain shower activity you can see most lifting off norm and east and lots of clear skies to western part of virginia and we'll be number for nice sunny afternoon. that gives us gust at time 20 to 30 and crossclaim are to the area of low pressure one more mild afternoon. 0s today. clear tonight. daytime highs tomorrow don't
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day for what we rontly. >> wednesday being thus,y and even saturday repeat showers on sunday. nice day today. 5. breezy companies. nice afternoon. okay. erin is pack and she's got yod. >> unfortunately because of morning rain we have seeing slow downs. metro, orange line, disabled train cheverly and dealing with big delays on top side of beltway. this jason rezaian crash causing delays northbound side 270, 109 several cars involved blocking right shoulder as you head to clarksburg you hit slow downs. southbound 70 as you make your way frederick down. rubber neck delay from northbound side crash and ton of volume and wet roads.
6:18 am
a crawl of slow moving tra traffic. since earlier crash in hanover cleared bw parkway getting back to normalment up to 3 mile app hour average residual delays 15 minute trip and of 6 outer lamp crash and nevier volume there. keep in mind 95 northbound close to half hour fred fredericksburg to stafford past 610 and tucker listen up. if you head to high heel race. i know you did a great job previewing this last year. several road closures between 6:30 and 11. >> high heel right there. >> that is a good high heel. >> serious. >> remember how hard it was when you rap in heals. >> i had tough if you're attending there's shoe inspiration back to y
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>> northern virginia i the 5 stafford county sxreing lanes set to open ahead of schedule. adds ramp south 143 garrison road and southbound ralp opens tuesday and then opens next wednesday. >> some of the worst traffic in the nition. we already know that. next we take a closer look at the negative he feing of adding just extra 20 minutes. >> more coming up
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what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> nearly 6,000 people in prince george county soopd a petition to shut down the liquor
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the owner jay kim tackled a customer and arrested him with handcuffs after that customer got into a fight with the cashier. in a second video kim helped police take down a man asked to leave the property. he is not a police officer or licensed security guard is it legal for him to tackle and cuff a customer. >> generally speaking certainly the police disfavor citizen arrest and discourage it for sure. citizens run arisk of being injured personally. >> in maryland under certain circumstances citizen arrest is lawful. when "fox5" asked kim about incident he had off duty officer escort our cameras off the premises. >> and congress keeping on tractor familiar reform. joining us is lauren simonetti. how are we looking lauren, good morning. >> pretty good we had a
6:23 am
setback jed. back on track today. for dow stocks including mcdonald's reporting any minute now. we'll take it. i was gone yesterday and the market sfel. >> then you're not going anywhere then. keep you around as long as we can. >> let's talk about tax reform now. hearing it from all different angles. we've talk about this before, lauren, obviously where is the money money going to come from and who gets the benefit in the roping lun. >> we don't have answers. one answer we do have it is not coming from changes to the popular 401k plan. there was talk. the government would cap amount going into 401k to raise money for these tax cuts but that is not the case. we'll see where it comes frx the president wants something on his desk by thanksgiving ambitious he'll sit down and meet with senate republicans during a working lunch. >> those aggressive may be starting holiday shopping already and target is giving
6:24 am
now. >> i'm a guy that like surprise. >> one good one bad. we'll dot bad first. i'm sending you a gift. you get email from target saying lauren wants top buy you this new speaker system. do you want it? do you accept? >> that's so weird. >> you have the option of saying no actually i want this speaker system instead. or no, i don't want it at all. >> so you can tweak or change a gift somebody sent you. it's popular with high end department stores and target is the first chain to do it. >> and they have all these different partnership so gifts will be cheapner general. >> some good, some bad
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worry about traffic too much. look i'll be the first to say when i get stuck in backup my mood changes snaptly. >> okay. well first of all the longest commute in nation is in washington d.c. according to staffing firm 60.4 minutes is the average round trip commute for folks in d.c. that's crazy worse than la and worse than new york city. i almost don't believe it here's the thing though. it's not least enjoyable commute. la gets that distinction. most stressful commute does not go to washington d.c. so you now you know. just in general like you said it makes us movie and aggravated to sit in traffic and research shows as you add on minute to the time you're sitting there it's like telling someone they got a pay cut. it is. it creates the same sort of rage in us. >> hm, the question is would you rather have not have
6:26 am
cut. >> more money. >> sit in traffic. >> i no, i it's awe tough c call. >> i'll take the money and deal with the commute i guess. >> what is the answer to that. >> i would too. >> get a smaller place and live closer to work. >> what's a small pay cut like 10% pay cut is that even small though? >> then i want somebody to pick me up that would be the answer. >> they sit in traffic. >> then more enjoyable. >> thanks lauren see you tomorrow. >> thank you thank. >> buy buy. bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >> i always offer to pick you up. >> he doesn't want me to know where he lives if we're honest. that's true. >> the 60 minute commute is if you live two miles from working. >> in the near suburb. >> right, 63 washington. we'll be mid 70s today. change in air mass. front comes through we're done with rain. clouds early. we'll give way to sunshine this afternoon. mostly sunny afternoon. beautiful. breezy. winds out of
6:27 am
152020. there's the day. 75 2-d and cooler air at some time and cooler temperatures wednesday, thursday, friday, into weekend and nice and fall like. >> all right. >> nice. >> sweet. >> short. >> thanks. >> good morning, 6:27 starting with good news. orange line normal service resumed cheverly and no more metro rail tlinz report. national mall, constitution avenue avenue west eastbound lane closed between 1 and 17 vitae in quorum west. we'll keep you updated on that one that's because of construction out there. they're fixing a storm drain. 3 minute trip red don't from basically 95 to 270 spur heavy traffic because of crash blocking shoulder. 20 southbound slow. keep it to "fox5". we'll be right back.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians.
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>> welcome back to "fox news morning". gaveing you that driving shot and checking our conditions across the dmv this tuesday morning. we'll have weather and traffic coming up for you on the fives at 6:35. first though at 6:30 new charges for a man akoosed of sexual assault in the district last month. 23-year-old kerry edwards is face ago texted rain and attempted murder. after police say he forced his way into a camp springs home on saturday morning and attempted to rain the residents. last month police say edwards attacked another woman at southeast gas station on alabama avenue. he was already under high
6:31 am
crime. the search is on for vandals that targeted private school in woodbridge with symbol of hate. they painted swastika on prince william academy sign and damaged stop signs fire hydrant mailbox and vehicle in the neighborhood. witnesses reported seeing a group of young people around the tile of vandalism. >> howard county, maryland, a school bus driver facing charges for accident that left four people, including two stungts, injured in ellicott city. police say tara wilcox was speeding when lost control of the bus causing it to flip on side and it was hit by another vehicle. she is school bus i'd and two students from hunt heb ron high school were taken to the hospital and had minor injuries. >> all righty it's that time of year again. high heel race in dupont sishle underway tonight. it's one of d.c. crazeest traditions high heels, wigs and crazy race to the finish. draws thousand
6:32 am
hospital circle. kicks off 9, 17th street north west between p and r. there will be several street closures in the area so please plan ahead and know this is a sporting event. steveing now with more sports. here you go. >> we'll pick it up and take it from here. thanks very much. time for morning line and it appears the eagles are real deal. 6-1. skins could not contain carson wentz falling to division rivals 34-24. first time they slept washington in a few years. >> and pass to chris thompson second quarter that gave washington early leave and connected with jordan reed on 5 yard touchdownen couldn't fwet the job done on both sides of ball. wentz too much to handle. he had a career high 67 3 yards are you rushing. coach gruden giving credit where credit is due. >> they played hard and coach pederson
6:33 am
and carson made up believable plays in crunch time situ situation. let's credit them we're not using injuries as an use. they're playing betser than us today. >> if there was something to point to that set us behind was lack of third down conversion. >> we started out really, really strong, played fast, were able to execute me beginning to for some reason we started to sloy down and momentum changed leak you said and just didn't go in our favor. >> i'm very, very confident in in team. i feel like we have all the pieces we need to win games. and we have to take it one at a time. >> well the next one will be dallas. that's coming up next weekend. both teams 3-3. tied for second place in nfc east. it's a huge game. match-up sunday fedex field kickoff 4:25. unfortunately for skins ezekiel elliot will play his suspension up in the air
6:34 am
beating the nuggets last night altitude of denver. 109-104 throw it down. bradley beal 20 points. 19 points. twelve assists. otto porter 24 turnovers for nuggets. wizards 26-28 from free throw line and basically everything went well they'lling in la taking on lakers. loss to the pelicans. wizard better beware because lonzo ain't losing again not in the same week. washington center responded man please pe john wall will torture him for 48 minute. let the locker room talk continue. >> game 1, 7:30. agents rows in los angeles. pitching battle. both teams number one sta starters. first pitch set for after 8. after the game "fox 5 news" and
6:35 am
back to the sknz a shout-out to verna davis present this ever the show a maryland guy having quite the resurgence this year. >> had quite a great catches. >> near 100 this evening for the world series game. >> for la is super hot. >> yeah. >> i forgot we were talking about over there. >> right in la. >> they're concerned about wildfires. et cetera. hopefully th that won't ha happen. >> rain moved through overnight stepth of inch egg an national. 63 washington. we're looking at transition day. breezes. we'll clear it out quick. afternoon sunshine you can look forward to that temperatures mid 70ss this afternoon. give it a couple hours to get the clouds out and we're done with rain as it's pushes north and east.
6:36 am
back to visit this, cooler air, wednesday, thursday, friday, more like october weather and as we turn the corner to next week temperatures will be cool. it looks like cool halloween and dry on tuesday. >> okay. >> that would be the eight day forecast. >> right gave us a little bonus. >> bonus. >> feeling generous. >> thanks, tuck. >> good morning, erin. >> 6:7 guys. good morning morning. issues. through lily crash at 410. delay picking up in the camera there. bay beingly back to the beltway takes 15 extra minutes to get to 295. you can take the beltway to different point of entrance. bw parkway southbound to make way to riverdale park we have extra congestion as well outer loop nasty all the morning a crash before connecticut avenue and camera by coalsdale road you can see it's a 32 minute ride keeping us safely in the red zone for 270 spur. northbound crashed causing apip call delays and
6:37 am
apip call delays and before 109 southbound side unfortunately it is over an hour. and that nobody crash that is what we're up against. hop off and take 355 souk and keep in mind urbana volume as well. else why, 91 northbound. keeping up yellow zone fredericksburg to 610. all metro rail lines on time. i'll let you know if anything pops up. keep it to "fox news morning" we'll be right back
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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back now with what is trending on the web. on this tuesday morning. first up, you know the old saying money doesn't grow on trees. now it does. so kids you tell your parents that. travel and leash you're magazine says one new england company is paying people a dollar for maple leaves. cash for leaves looking for colorful fall foliage from new hampshire hampshire, rhode island. connecticut. minute condition. colorful and no mold, please. we don't want bugs either and no tears. perfect pretty perfect leaf gives you a dollar. that's awesome. janet jackson fans getting nasty counsel me mopping them. fans calling out nfl angry jus tun timber lake is invited back to perform and no mention of
6:41 am
but there's no bad blood. nfl says janet is not banned from performing as a special guest at super bowl half time show. we were heard she's band for life. the controversy stems from jan iset infamous wardrobe function in 2004. jackson has not worked with the league since that performance. okay. this buds for you. a limbed edition brew based on pro hibs recipe. 1933 appeal reserve comes in bottle with 6.1% alcohol content. beer is on sale now. sort of taste of history. now, steve, like i never know the alcohol content if that's a lot or not. 6.1% alcohol content in a b beer. outrageous? >> bud light is 4.2, 4.5. >> so a regular beer. >> do they call it will bud heavy or bud
6:42 am
>> thanks, steve. >> back to you. >> i can look it up. >> no, no, i thought maybe you would. >> all right. >> blake livery gets reconvenientth on ryan reynalds and season two kevin mccarthy since the down in the fox
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>> sing it tuck. >> looks likes wetness out there on the roads. >> i saw her in concert before she was big. >> you did. >> yeah. >> she was big when you saw her. >> she was kind of big. >> she was already playing j jive sglub no she was warming up for kanye. that's right allison. >> she is not the opening act anymore that's true. >> absolutely. >> anyway house it going. how are we doing weather-wise. >> i don't know why we needed to debate about that steve but there we go. clear skies. beautiful day. rain overnight here getting out of here anywhere between tenth and half inch of needed rain giving way to mild afternoon. temps mid 70s later this afternoon. we'll take it. it will be breezy. breezy at times overnight, 20 to 25 and occasionally gusts of close to 20, 25 later today out of the south. cooler weather. that's the other big story. moving in later tonight and really wednesday thursday and as we get to the weekend temperatures closer to normal. all right. i've
6:46 am
to say this marie, want to say high to you marie in front royal. yes, good morning thanks for being a viewer and high to everybody in front royal. temperatures front royal, 63 in city. in washington 62 quantico and 60 fredericksburg and we're look at daytime highs medicine normal mid 70s. i mention breezes out of south 13. breezes out of south much of daytime hours and then will shift out of the west and north an west later tonight. and as that cooler weather start to get in here. rain showers generally done with it maybe eye shower to stevens villa cross the bay and getting all of this out of here and we do have lingering cloud cover and once the clouds get a chance to lift off north and east to the system things should actually get a lot better around here and lots of sunshine to look forward to. you can see the reigns showers and clouds lifting off norm and east. our front is across the chesapeake bay as we speak and further east gradually better around here. that's midweek coming up
6:47 am
jet stream dips south. we see this october. cooler temperatures for us. one more mild day and backing temperatures 10 by tomorrow. highs in 60s. beautiful warm, wednesday, thursday, friday. all right. wrapping it up. erin is back with road. erin we have memes to get to. >> i know tucker look what i'm feeling with it took a while to get this set up for you. new bad crash i wanted to get this in more maryland commuters outer loop new hampshire avenue crash blocking left lane. it's literally a parking lot to get route 1 to 20 spur takes 40 minutes heaviest delay headed from route 1 to coalsdale road. it's a sea of parked traffic. there little rubber neck delay upper loop side of things as well. as we forward things along, 17 minute ride in red zone. delays going back before the belt bay on 50 inbound towards buoy dropped to 15 minute delay. that's good to 295. crash by 410. as we move things along to 2
6:48 am
northbound delays are heavy right now to clarksburg. because we i have a trash control offing several cars, southbound congestion and rubber neck delay 41 minute trip 70 to 109. fog tore ca time. urbana pike both directions could be better. construction on constitution avenue and storm drain repair impacting a lane causing additional delays. gw parkway picking up. bottom side of beltway good. 395 delay free. usual day delay 66 to centerville. tuck he, i didn't mean to stall time. the morning meme. >> are we ready. let's do it. >> let's get to it. ♪ ♪ >> there we are. >> give us a meme. >> # morning meme. today. >> aww. >> started off -- >> i get it. >> get it? >> yeah. >> i specialize
6:49 am
>> pretty clever. >> i deposit get the roofing until you did it. >> shirt on an hard hat. that's the best. >> ah-ha do you even lift. i can lift the lid off coo cookies. >> i lift what matters. >> uh-huh. >> fortunately i feel like we reported on this far too sglochb when you miss alarm but the bus driver is not about to let you be late for school. >> got to get there. >> let go on the bus. >> good morning to all the bus drivers get the kids there on time. >> this is how i feel when i get a bucket. when you are excited for halloween and too lazy to carve a pumpkin. >> it's the thought it's there you see the eyes. >> smiling at you. >> happy halloween. >> ever try to cut a pumpkin with a fork. i tried it one year it's tedious and doesn't go well. >> i'm not surprised. >> like inside of it and ca carving a design. >> trying to carve a design into it. >> why. >> long story. >> are you not allowed
6:50 am
object. >> # morning mem sglext ever use object that you get from the drug store 6 in the pack with carving knife. >> cookie-cutter for pumpkin. >> don't get those. >> yeah. >> all right. >> thank you. >> it's 6:50 now let's say hello to facebook fan of the day today we have two fans boy they're ready for speed today. and that's coye nice looking bikes. precious says kennedy and coy are twins turning 8 thursday. happy early birthday to both of you. >> "fox5" is best news team and kennedy and coy grew up watching us and yeah good morning to ul after you. the whole family. especially kennedy and coy and happy early birthday. they have a new "fox5" favorite erin como. erin i hope you heard that she's walking out of the studio they love you because of traffic reports letting them know how late their bus maye.
6:51 am
today right? >> so they say thanks and we say thank for watching. >> i can tell you how jealousy would be if i was that aim and had a bike like that to sit on. >> awesome. >> awesome. >> you know what else is awesome. everything kevin mccarthy d does. >> steve, allison good morning. >> speaking of saw some. possibleably best tweet of the year happened. >> dish. >> i will give a back story to this let me show you tweet initially gop viral. blake livery is getting revenge on husband here. keep in mind her husband is ryan reynolds that's ryan gosling next to ryan reynalds you see reynolds cropped out of the photo. we can get rid of lower third it says happy birth day baby. it's a joke happening there. she's over representing ryan gosling not her husband and cutting out actual husband ryan reynolds. here's why she's doing this. back when ryan was wishing
6:52 am
blake live rea happy birthday he cropped her out halfway and the message was happy birthday to my amazing wife with half her in it. there was reconvenient m to that twitter. it was viral. that alone 4 million likes that particular tweet. i don't know if you follow ryan republican eldz on fw fwiter. he's probably one of the funniest on twitter he always tweets very strange jokes about specifics like spvrkly this one yesterday said null one if you don't mind tweet my kids tried to surprise me for my birthday i snuck out and started a new life somewhere else. there's a whole list of tweets he tweets about kids very, very funny. i thought that was kind of cool little thing they did yesterday. putting ryan gosling there instead of ryan republican eldz. they're married and awesome. >> i
6:53 am
>> straipinger things season two is premiering on friday. i'm four episodes in and it's awesome. that's all i can say. >> you have been to the whole thing. >> no. >> when it comes out you can. >> midnight thursday you can binge all nine episodes of season two. i'm four in and i'll finish by friday and have any preview of season two friday morning. i'll start reviewing netflix shows and things like that. >> and you have advancer as a critic. >> and you have to stay up all night to watch the entire season. >> let me tell you something kev i'm trying to be on mind hunters and i know it's everywhere and like to be on pulp culture. i got the best nap of my life. >> as a setup. >> stranger things if you watch the first season one big thing that happened in that show barb character died. it is hard. she was nominated for emmy. the big question in stranger things season 2 will
6:54 am
justice for barb's death. i spoke to the cast about that and keeping spoilers seek fret their family. watch this. >> will there be specific justice from where they're going in the character. i think for nancy there's a fire lit underneath her to seek it out and she goes for it. and it is traysy do you got a lot of rerests from people going on. >> you can tell anybody close to you. >> it's all lock and key yeah everybody is pretty taughtly kept. i think that's a good things. you don't want spoilers getting
6:55 am
it's not the person that leaks it it's everybody that happens to scroll bone it or read it. >> yeah. >> you ruin today. >> like a virus. >> much bigger percentage of the watching population. i think it's mostly you guys. my friend don't want to know. >> don't tell me. >> interviews are tricky. >> so the guy on right by the way he told me he got -- gets unbought oned shirt ideas from tucker he tunes into "fox news morning" from australia and watches tucker with his unbuttoned shirts. the show premiers friday i'll tell you now a lot of people were worried whether it would live up with fourth season i'm four episodes in and it's on par with fourth season and mind hunter another show on netflix i did a bunch of nets flix interviews including that and crowns and tune in 8:00 this morning i have the whole cast of mind huntser it's an awesome show. we'll talk about that first episode. >> i'm on board.
6:56 am
david fincher i'm excited mystery. >> my stuff. >> stranger things season two thursday midnight comes out officially friday. >> let's check in with tucker and check out the forecast. >> thunder from down under was here a few weeks ago and i gave them tips. >> unbuttoned shirt game is harded to pull off. >> when they showed up they're like tuck where have you been it's been so long. >> they want to sign me up steve that's why. they're trying to get me to join. 62 washington. mid 70s later today. rain out of here and drag clouds along with it give it a couple hours. mostly sunny afternoon. breezy. mild day today and cooler air gets in tonight and much more like fall around here, wednesday, thursday, friday, quiet conditions. >> i figured it out your secret from 20s is you were member of thunder down under. >> i don't like to think about it. >> let me move to traffic before i make my own joke weird. crash, southeast, south west
6:57 am
see delays picking up across the 11 street bridge. 295 heavy malcolm x avenue southbound site past pennsylvania avenue and look at nasty commute on beltway. crash involving tractor-trailer blocking left shoulder. 30 minute delay from route 1 to coalsdale road. keep it to "fox news morning". metro is on time and the latest on your commute as we continue. alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪
6:58 am
for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> right now at 7:00 demanding answers. this man takes as texted rain kharps it's a few weeks after he was arrested for a similar crime. why was he out on the street. tracking this store by dr. from the districts to prince george county. >> and on capitol hill today special visitor the president has a lunch date with republican senators as they turn their focus to overhauling nation tax code. >> and nice start for skins. things looked good early own an then they played the second half. burgandy and gold ache waking up di feeted this morning. >> if you just wake up this morning you heard that bad news sore didn't about that and house this live look outside on tuesday october 24. >> and got a quick look on weather and traffic. tucker and airport standing by. >> rain will out here and beautiful tuesday afternoon to look forward to. details on the warm in a home.


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